RARC Welcomes Adam Kochenderfer









On April 19th, Oakland County Commissioner Adam Kochenderfer spoke to the RARC. He touched on the following points:

  1.  Upcoming County Commissioner seats will be contested.
    1. The current split is 14 Republicans and 7 Democrats
    2. This could easily be lost. There are no “shoe-in” seats
  2.  Roads
    1. Rochester Hills is fronting money to the County Road Commission for repairs on Livernois between Avon and Hamlin
    2. This enables us to fix the road in 2019, rather than the scheduled 2021 timeframe
    3. The Oakland Road Commission will be repaying, but won’t be paying interest in this loan
    4. An interim repair will be performed this year
  3. Adam also encouraged everyone to become active and sign up to be on the ballot as a Precinct Delegate. May 8th is your last day to file.